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Collaborative Conspiracy.. or.. how to post your linkage to Digg..

First, put the title of the article and its author's name in the subject line of your LJ post.

Then, put an LJ cut with text in the body of your post, by typing THIS:

<lj-cut text="Here is one sentence from the article...">

Behind the LJ cut, put one paragraph from the article, then link to the actual article, using verbiage such as: Read the rest of "This is my spoo" by J3nny3lf...

If you are unsure how to write a link, it works like this:

<a href="copy and paste the url of your article from TIBU here and make sure you surround it with " marks">Read the rest of "This is my spoo" by J3nny3lf..."</a>

Apparently, LiveJournal does not allow JavaScript (which the Digg button and other buttons use) to be embedded in journal entries, as it poses a security risk to other users. This pisses me off, and we're going to have to figure out a way around this. Maybe I'll have to set up the damn LJ open source code on my own server and we can move this community over there. Anyways, we can manually add our LJ entry links to Digg and Reddit by clicking on the LJ cuts, which brings us to the unique URL for that entry, then entering that URL over on Digg and Reddit and other places we may wish to add it to.

Bbstucco asked: But doesn't that just send Diggers and etc over to LJ. The short answer is yes, it does. But again, we only put a teaser paragraph of our TIBU article here, and then a link to our FULL TIBU article under the LJ cut. People click that, are whisked to TIBU, and blammo, another view.
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